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Bankruptcy Chapter 7

This is called the straight bankruptcy. It is the most commonly used. You will retain all your exempt assets free of any creditor claims (except mortgage and security liens).

Bankruptcy Chapter 11

Chapter 11, mostly used by businesses –also concerns reorganization of your debts–that is, payments over a period of time  which is similar to Chapter 13.

Bankruptcy Chapter 13

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy permits you to pay your creditors in monthly instalments over three to five years.

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For only $975, we handle the complex process of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our clients receive a package of services that includes the following.

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Imagine a future free of struggling to make ends meet, free of calls from collection agencies threatening to take your house or your car. Bankruptcy, despite its bad press, actually is a good thing — it offers the opportunity for a new beginning and a fresh start in your life.

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There is no problem in seeking help for financial problems. When people come to us seeking advice concerning bankruptcy they are usually very upset. They may face the loss of their home and other assets. They are frequently being harassed by creditors and suffer from anxiety about their future.

Two most common types of bankruptcies for individuals


Bankruptcy Chapter 7

This form of bankruptcy offers a discharge of most debts. It requires that all property not exempted be handed over for liquidation by the bankruptcy trustee to settle debts.

Bankruptcy Chapter 13

This form of bankruptcy amounts to a repayment plan: your debt is reorganized into one monthly payment made to the bankruptcy trustee over a period of three to five years.

The Bankruptcy Process

The Bankruptcy Process begins when our bankruptcy attorney files a petition to the court. The court immediately issues an order placing a temporary ban on all collections activities by your creditors. The final goal of the process is an order discharging all eligible debts.

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We understand that your financial difficulties extend to your concern about finding help you can afford. At Madaen Law, Inc., we offer an affordable Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing to give as many people as possible the chance to organize their finances and get back on their feet. Our law firm advises you which type of bankruptcy best suits your circumstances and manages your filing with careful, thorough legal skill.