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Experienced and Affordable California Bankruptcy Attorney Bahram Madaen.

Experienced California Bankruptcy Law Attorney Providing Affordable Counsel

Mr Madaen is committed to providing affordable, accessible services to help financially strapped members of the community. The chance to file bankruptcy for less than $1,000 offers real hope to those struggling with debt. Mr.Madaen believes this is both good business practice and a way of giving back to our friends and neighbors.

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Bankruptcy Chapter 7

This is called straight bankruptcy. It is the most commonly used. You will retain all your exempt assets free of any creditor claims.

Bankruptcy Chapter 11

Chapter 11, mostly used by businesses –also concerns reorganization of your debts–that is, payments over a period of time  which is similar to Chapter 13.

Bankruptcy Chapter 13

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy permits you to pay your creditors in monthly installments over three to five years.

Involuntary Bankruptcy

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Adversarial Procedure

An adversarial action is somehow a civil lawsuit within bankruptcy court.